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How Much Could Your School Save?

Discover how much you can cut
your energy costs and carbon emissions

Baker Associates and EO Consulting have created a calculator for schools and Multi Academy Trusts to find out how much money they could save from installing PV panels and switching to LED lighting. The calculator also calculates how much CO2 can be saved from making these changes.

School Energy Savings Calculator

Find your school under "Establishment Name" for specific data. Continue reading to find out how to use other elements of the calculator.

How To Use The Energy Savings Calculator

Using the calculator is simple. You can search for individual schools or cluster groups such as regions or Multi Academy Trusts.

To search for a single school, go to the “Establishment” section and skip straight to selecting them in the “Establishment Name” drop down menu. To search for a MAT or local authority, find them in the “Trust/Local Authority” drop down or use the “Region” or “Diocese” drops downs to find those groups.

The details in the “Electricity Details” section are set to typical values and can be kept the same unless you know:

  • How much you are expecting to save from the LED lighting installation project (if not leave it at 20%)
  • A school’s current cost per kWh
  • A schools cost per kWh inflation

The “PV Panel Size” section is also set to typical values. PV Array Primary/Secondary/Other refers to the amount of panels for primary schools, secondary schools, and other schools. If you are selecting a specific MAT or school, the results shown are specific to that school type.

Cost per kWp refers to the cost equates to 3 or 4 single PV panels.

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