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Conference: ASCL Conference for a Sustainable Future 2024 - 5 June 2024

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Noor Shameel

Marketing Manager | Award-Winning Integrated Property Consultants

ASCL Conference for a Sustainable Future

Millennium Gloucester Hotel, London Kensington

Supporting your organisation to contribute to a greener planet

Barker is delighted to support and be a part of ASCL’s inaugural Conference for a Sustainable Future which will focus on empowering and enabling leaders to make changes in their education setting for a greener, more sustainable world.

There will be a range of inspirational speakers and workshops to support schools, colleges and trusts on their sustainability journey. This will be linked to meeting the aims within the DfE’s Sustainability and Climate Change Strategy, published in 2022, and which includes the action that all education settings will have a nominated sustainability lead and climate action plan in place by 2025.

There will be workshops throughout the day linked to three strands:


education and curriculum


You will receive practical advice and the support you need for your organisation to continue with this essential work and build a sustainable culture in your community.

Join us at the ASCL Conference for Sustainable Futures where you will be inspired to begin or continue your setting’s sustainability journey.

ASCL Conference for a Sustainable Future 2024

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