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Estates Briefing

19th August 2019

Estates Briefing

Government funding announcements:

The next spending review was due to take place before the summer recess but political events and delays to Brexit have put this on hold.

The new Education Secretary, Gavin Williamson (replacing Damian Hinds) has started in post but is yet to make any formal announcements. You can follow him on Twitter @GavinWilliamson

There is widely considered to be a crisis in SEN funding in particular.

Academies consolidated annual report and accounts: 2017 to 2018. The DfE issued its report on academy school sector expenditure and performance for the year ended 31 August 2018. You can view or download the report here

Education Executive published an article on how the Soft Drinks Industry Levy is benefiting schools, however there has been no repeat of the Healthy Pupils Capital Fund in 2019.

Good Estate Management for Schools

The DfE’s Good Estate Management for Schools (GEMS) guidance was launched in April 2018 and continues to be updated. The framework is an excellent guide to the strategy and implementation of estate management principles across the education estate. The guide can be accessed through this link.  

The manual also includes a number of tools to help you assess and manage the estate. This includes the following:

  • Organisational self-assessment
  • Top 10 estate checks for boards
  • Required knowledge and skills
  • Tips for managing energy and water usage

Estates Portal

EO Portal helps you collate, report and analyse your data to enable better decisions.

The portal takes data collected from condition surveys, audits, smart meters and the government’s published data on finances and performance and presents it in easy to understand dashboards and visuals.

Leaders and executive boards can use this information to quickly understand the issues surrounding their organisations, benchmark the data against others and make the best strategic decisions to drive positive change in four key areas: Estates, Compliance, Energy and Benchmarking.