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Data can be a minefield but using it in the right way can help organisations deliver their objectives more effectively. Barker is working with some of the UK’s leading organisations to use data effectively across four key areas.


EO Portal enables you to collate, report and analyse your estates data to enable better decisions. The different visualisations and tools enable you to make high level strategic decisions, benchmark sites or drill down to the details of a specific building or element.

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EO Portal is the simple way to manage your estates compliance across multiple sites. Adherence against key areas of statutory compliance is presented in simple Red, Amber, Green format and reminders can be set to address upcoming requirements.

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Energy costs typically make up 2% of a school’s budget and 40% of energy is used when there are no students even being taught! EO Portal enables you to quickly view and analyse your energy consumption, identify problem areas and focus on opportunities to save money.

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EO Portal takes schools’ Consistent Financial Reporting data and allows users to view it through a more intuitive tool to better compare how efficiently a school is being managed. This enables boards and executive teams to make better strategic decisions and drive positive change.

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