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Barker is an integrated property consultancy and trusted advisor to organisations across the country. We help develop and implement energy management strategies that lower costs, reduce impact on the environment and create positive stakeholder engagement.

Our many years of experience of energy transformation have helped to develop and refine a process that delivers carbon and budget savings. The Barker Energy 360 process supports and guides you on your sustainability journey. Barker manages the entire process, from start to finish — letting you focus on your organisation objectives.

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The strategy
Sustainability Solar Panels

Energy Strategy, 4 Cores Areas

Energy 1

Energy Procurement

Buying Energy in an efficient and
sustainable manner across the organisation

Energy 2

Reduction of
Energy Consumption

Programmes of work to reduce
your energy consumption

Energy 3

Generating Energy

Investment in renewable energy generation

Energy 4


Affecting organisation change to ensure energy efficiency and sustainability are key considerations of everything the organsation does

The Barker Energy 360 process

Barker Energy 360 is our process to help you craft a strategy for energy transformation, implement change & enjoy the benefits as a result of that change:

Energy Survey
Energy transformation


We recognise that resources are often tight and investments of time and money need to be justified. So, at the outset, Barker undertakes a desktop assessment of the potential benefits an energy management transformation process will generate and will produce a strategy to deliver the policy.

Using existing knowledge of the built environment, the experience of previous installations and standard parameters for energy prices, we will model the potential for energy saving schemes across the whole organisation.


You may already have defined your energy policy and targets, but if not, Barker can help you create a compelling vision by reviewing where you are and advising on what can be achieved.

This will help engage stakeholders and drive meaningful, urgent action. Whether your aim is reducing your carbon footprint, saving money, or both, Barker will help shape your goals and advise on the most effective strategy to meet them.


Next, Barker will undertake a full energy audit of your estate across the following key areas;

• Collect energy usage & utilities data
• Undertake detailed energy audits of each site
• Conduct an assessment of solar photo-voltaic (PV) energy  opportunities
• A full structural assessment of roofs where PV panels are to be located
• Identify where LED lighting can be installed
• Assessment of planning and statutory consents
• Asbestos survey
• Other relevant surveys

Energy transformation plan

Following the survey, Barker will produce a detailed energy transformation plan including a schedule of all of the energy efficiency projects which could be completed, with pre tender estimates [based on current market prices] with associated timing plans.

The proposal will also consider the funding options available to you.


Data can be daunting but using it in the right way can help organisations deliver their mission to improve education outcomes. So collecting, analysing and presenting data plays a key role in measuring the success of energy transformation.

Barker has a close collaboration with EO Portal – the industry leader in monitoring energy usage. A standard element of the EO Portal is the Energy Dashboard, which gives senior leaders actionable insights into energy usage across the estate.


The investment required to undertake the energy transformation process could be prohibitive for many education providers. There are a range of funding options available to however at times the funding is limited and has to be bid for.

To overcome this barrier for LED lighting and photovoltaic panels installation, Barker appraise the available funding opportunities and recommends the optimum approach. A popular approach is to fund the energy transformation through an operating lease. A lease will spread the cost of the investment and the lease liability will be easily covered by the resulting energy cost savings.

On-going support

Once we have implemented the changes, we will continue to work with you to identify other ways to optimise the operation of your estate which could include;

• Streamline energy carbon reporting in partnership with the Confederation of School Trusts
• Internet of things sensors using the Microsoft IoT platform
• Solar thermal hot water generation
• Cloud-based IT systems
• Smart switching
• Voltage optimisation
• Battery storage
• Electric vehicle charging points


Once the scope of work is agreed and funding is approved, we will work closely with you to develop a procurement program and installation plan installation plan which causes minimal disruption to your operations.

Barker has a team of professional project managers who will oversee the delivery, working with a number of trusted and reputable suppliers. We also ensure that all installed equipment has a comprehensive warranty which matches or exceeds the duration of the funding.

Energy service areas

Energy Audit
Energy Strategy

Energy Audit

Knowledge is power. Our energy and sustainability team can undertake energy audits of your estate. We will collect energy usage data for each site, undertake a detailed energy audit and identify key opportunities for energy improvements.

Energy Strategy

Create a roadmap for decarbonisation. We produce tailored energy strategies for our clients that enable positive action. We identify the potential for energy saving schemes across your organisation, test the feasibility of implementation and prioritise projects into management programmes to suit your organisation. We can help you secure funding and manage the delivery of your projects.

Energy funding
Project Management

Energy funding

Energy transformation requires investment, and some may consider this a barrier to implementing their plans. However, at Barker, we appraise the available funding opportunities and recommend the optimum approach. Our clients can fund their energy transformation with the support of our specialist funding experts and bid writers.

Project Management

Getting it done. We have a team of professional project managers who oversee the delivery of your energy efficiency projects. We offer a turnkey solution from design through procurement to delivery and ongoing monitoring. Our experience ensures you achieve high quality, value for money, a return on your investment and peace of mind.

See what our EO portal clients say

“The EO portal dashboard has revolutionised the way in which we monitor our social impact. The days of manipulating data from multiple spreadsheets are long gone; now we can get the answers we want in seconds.”

Jericho, Matt Smither, People Support Officer

“Fantastic tool enabling high level reviews of your estate as well as detailed analysis of local issues. Has been particularly useful to LAT when undertaking due diligence on Academies looking to join the portfolio.”

Leigh Academies Trust

The portal is fantastic. The data is on it will be hugely helpful.

The Diocese of Gloucester Academies Trust , Rob Jones, Operations Manager

Use of data has revolutionised how we manage our estate and it enables us to make informed decisions on a strategic level so we are able to compare each of our schools to ensure that we are able to deliver our school allocation funding towards needs as opposed to wants.

Brooke Weston Trust, Matt Isherwood Director of Estates

Manage your estate
with EO Portal

The EO portal helps our clients to quickly view and analyse their energy consumption, identify problem areas and identify opportunities to help save money.

Relevant Projects

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Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme (PSDS)
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MAT Capital Loans Pilot Scheme – LED Replacement & PV Installation Project
MAT Capital Loans Pilot Scheme – LED Replacement & PV Installation Project
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