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Barker Announces TEEAM Alliance: Total Estate & Energy Asset Management

Barker is thrilled to announce the formation of a groundbreaking strategic alliance called TEEAM (Total Estate & Energy Asset Management). 

TEEAM brings together industry-leading organisations dedicated to driving the UK’s decarbonisation agenda and ensuring the successful achievement of net zero targets

The alliance comprises of Ginger Energy, Caladen Consulting, Cloudfm, Place Group and Barker. The primary objective of TEEAM is to help clients embrace sustainability as a way of life. By providing a complete integrated solution TEEAM aims to support businesses and organisations in their transition towards a greener and more sustainable future. TEEAM’s expertise and collaborative approach will empower clients to make informed decisions that contribute to the UK’s ambitious decarbonisation goals. 

At the core of TEEAM’s vision is the commitment to deliver innovative and effective solutions tailored to the unique needs of each client. By leveraging the collective knowledge and experience of the alliance’s member organisations, TEEAM will provide a wide range of services spanning energy efficiency assessments, renewable energy projects, carbon footprint measurement, sustainability strategy development, and more. Through these integrated solutions, TEEAM will enable clients to optimise their energy consumption, reduce carbon emissions, and make financial savings. 

Barker, known for its expertise in property consultancy and sustainability, is proud to spearhead this initiative.

By joining forces with like-minded organisations across energy supply, billing, procurement, compliance and change management, Barker aims to enhance its offerings and broaden its impact on the transition to a sustainable future. The strategic alliance fosters collaboration, innovation, and knowledge sharing, ensuring clients receive the best-in-class advice and solutions in line with evolving sustainability regulations and best practices. 


“We are thrilled to launch TEEAM, a strategic alliance that embodies our commitment to making sustainability a way of life,” said Stuart White, Managing Partner of Barker. “Through the TEEAM Alliance we can offer our clients the complete solution to enable their transition to net zero. Pairing our in-house experience with other industry-leading companies will provide our clients with an end-to-end solution that focuses on delivering results. Together, we will create a greener and more sustainable future for the UK.” 

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