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Condition Improvement Fund 2022/23 Success: £40 million worth funding for our academy clients

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Noor Shameel


The DfE announced its allocation of Condition Improvement Fund 2022/23.  It has been yet another successful year of CIF bids for Barker with over £40 million funding won for our academy clients.

Over 100 of our submissions have been granted funding. Successful projects ranged from £27,000.00 refurbishment projects to £1.75 million block replacement.

A total of £498 million for 1405 projects across 1129 academies and sixth-form colleges has been allocated.

We are delighted with the outcomes for our clients and look forward to developing their projects in due course.

The next CIF round is likely to be announced in October. If you are interested in applying then now is the time to start preparing. Please contact us on 01279 647111 or and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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