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Energy Efficiency Consultant

Energy has become a talking point in recent years and it’s something that can no longer be overlooked. It’s essential for powering homes and businesses, and it underpins everything. However, the rising cost of energy has highlighted the need for efficient use of energy. Wholesale prices for gas, electricity, oil and other fuels started to increase in summer 2021 and continued to rise, resulting in the annual bill for typical consumption in 2024 being 59% higher than in Winter 2021/22. Although prices are now starting to fall, many aren’t seeing a noticeable difference in their monthly bills and have decided to take matters into their own hands. 

The government’s commitment to decarbonising all sectors to meet their net zero target by 2050 has placed additional pressure on businesses to rethink their energy strategies. There is an urgent need to reduce environmental impact and energy efficiency is now a crucial goal for organisations across the UK, and the globe. Fortunately, energy efficiency consultants are here to help with this energy transition. These professionals offer guidance to different sectors looking to implement energy efficiency measures and uncover significant savings while meeting sustainability goals. They play a pivotal role in steering businesses towards a greener future. 


The Key Benefits of Energy Efficiency Consultancy Services

Energy Efficiency Consulting

Energy efficiency consulting companies specialise in assessing your current energy consumption. They can make tailored recommendations to eliminate waste and help you implement new energy-saving solutions. Ultimately, their main aim is to help clients reduce the amount of energy they’re using and they stay up-to-date with the latest developments in energy-saving technology, so they can introduce you to solutions you might not otherwise have considered or even been aware of.

Identifying inefficiencies is a key part of the energy improvement process. Energy consultants will gain a comprehensive understanding of your existing energy use patterns, typically with the help of energy surveys. They will assess your needs and constraints, and then suggest the most effective ways to improve energy efficiency on-site, offering a return on investment that makes financial sense. By helping you set realistic targets and implement strategies to meet them, energy consultants can transform your energy strategy. 

With expertise in a wide range of areas, from renewable energy to retrofitting strategies, energy efficiency consultants can help you lower your energy bills and reduce your environmental impact. They can guide you through every step of the process, from concept to completion, ensuring the energy-saving project is a success. Often, there are government incentives and grants for energy efficiency projects too, and energy experts can help you apply for funding to make your project more affordable. In fact, there is currently almost £5 billion of funding available to help UK businesses and the Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme for public sector bodies to become greener. 


Effective Ways to Improve Energy Efficiency 

When it comes to improving energy efficiency in commercial buildings, there are several strategies to consider. From simple everyday changes to the generation of renewable energy, you can reduce operating costs and improve environmental sustainability. Some energy projects are more popular in commercial settings, including; 


Everyday Changes for Immediate Impact

One of the most straightforward ways to boost energy efficiency is by making some simple changes that have an impact on energy consumption. Identifying the potential for energy-saving across your organisation can have more of an impact than you might think. 

This includes upgrading to LED lights, improving lighting controls, switching to cloud-based servers, installing heat pumps and maintaining Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems. Beyond these, integrating building automation systems can revolutionise how energy is used by automatically adjusting lighting, temperature and other energy-consuming factors based on real-time usage data. These changes can collectively lead to substantial reductions in energy consumption and monthly costs.


Strategic Energy Procurement

Understanding how your business procures energy can unlock significant cost savings and improve efficiency. By analysing your current energy use and aligning your procurement strategies to match this usage, you can ensure you’re not only buying energy more effectively but also at the best possible price. 

This involves navigating through various energy companies and options such as fixed tariffs, flexible tariffs and even considering green energy options, to find a procurement strategy that aligns with your business’s financial and carbon targets. Effective energy procurement is about making informed decisions that balance demand, cost, risk and sustainability, enabling your business to buy energy in the best way in today’s increasingly energy-conscious world. 

Renewable Energy Generation

Transitioning to renewable energy can have a huge impact on your long-term energy efficiency and sustainability. By generating your own renewable energy on-site, such as with solar panels, your business can reduce its dependence on non-renewable energy sources, lower its carbon footprint and potentially save money over time. 

This strategy involves evaluating the feasibility of installing renewable energy systems, assessing the return on investment and exploring funding options to support these projects. Energy consultants in the UK can support you with this process to ensure you’re making the right decisions. Generating renewable energy not only contributes to worldwide sustainability efforts but also improves your business’s reputation among consumers and stakeholders who value green initiatives. 


Booking an Energy Efficiency Survey

Energy Efficiency Consultants

To improve your energy efficiency, you need to understand your energy consumption. Booking energy efficiency surveys are the quickest and easiest way to get the insights you need. These surveys are conducted by experienced energy efficiency consulting firms and they assess the details of your energy usage. By collecting data from across different sites within your estate and undertaking a detailed energy audit to assess how energy is consumed, they can identify areas for energy improvement. The main goal of these surveys is to improve your knowledge of energy consumption and pinpoint where changes can be made. 

Throughout an energy transformation journey, energy efficiency surveys can continue to be used. Once key opportunities for energy improvements have been identified and implemented, these surveys can be used to ensure the effectiveness of any measures taken. By periodically reassessing your energy consumption through surveys, you can monitor the performance of improvements, validate their impact on your energy efficiency and identify any areas that may need further attention. This ongoing process ensures your investment in energy efficiency delivers sustained benefits, helping to maintain optimal performance and cost savings over time.


Why choose a Barker Energy Efficiency Expert?

When it comes to navigating the complexities of an energy transformation, choosing the right energy efficiency consultants in the UK is crucial. At Barker, we ensure you receive comprehensive support tailored to your unique needs. Our team of specialists is dedicated to developing and implementing robust strategies that lower costs and reduce environmental impact. Having a clear roadmap to decarbonisation can simplify the process and the unique  Barker Energy360TM process will guide you through crafting a strategy for energy transformation, implementing change and reaping the benefits of your efforts.

In addition to helping businesses plan energy-efficient upgrades, at Barker we provide unparalleled support with funding. We understand that investment is often an essential step in energy transformation and we can evaluate the available funding opportunities to recommend the right approach for your project. Our team of funding experts and bid writers can streamline the process of obtaining funding and assist with grant applications where available. We can then oversee your energy transformation from start to finish, ensuring it’s managed with value for money in mind. With many years of experience, our team can support with everything from design to implementation, providing peace of mind throughout. 

An easy to overlook, yet critical part of our service is continuous measurement, monitoring and reporting on project outcomes to ensure the long-term success of your energy efficiency initiatives. Our team of energy management consultants use a range of monitoring and reporting solutions, improving visibility and enabling continuous improvements to be made. Choosing Barker means partnering with a dedicated team that not only helps you achieve your immediate goals but also supports the ongoing efficiency of your energy management strategy. 

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