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WEBINAR: Phase 5 of the Low Carbon Skills Fund - 28 March 2024

Low Carbon Skills Fund Phase 5 Guidance and Webinar

The detailed application guidance for Phase 5 of the Low Carbon Skills Fund was launched on Wednesday 20 March. 

LCSF is a funding initiative to support public sector bodies to engage specialist support to create heat decarbonisation plans (HDPs) and complete initial design work to support low carbon heating systems. Unlike the Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme, this is usually 100% grant funding but cannot be used for capital projects.  

The application portal will open on Wednesday 17 April and close on Wednesday 1 May 2024.


Phase 5 of the Low Carbon Skills Fund, is an initiative aimed at bolstering the efforts of public sector bodies in combatting climate change.  LCSF Phase 5 offers 100% grant funding exclusively for specialist support in creating heat decarbonisation plans (HDPs) and undertaking initial design work for low carbon heating systems. It can be a catalyst for public sector bodies looking to develop their decarbonisation strategy. 

Here are the key highlights that set Phase 5 apart from its predecessors: 

  1. Three-Stage Funding Approach: Phase 5 introduces a strategic approach, dividing funding into three distinct stages: Strategy, Feasibility, and Design. This structured framework ensures a comprehensive and holistic approach to decarbonisation efforts.
  2. Randomised Application Assessment: Unlike previous phases, applications will be assessed in a randomised order after the portal closes, ensuring fairness and equal opportunity for all applicants.
  3. Enhanced Eligibility Criteria Phase 5 imposes specific eligibility criteria, including mandatory application forms with scoring criteria for certain questions and end-of-life heating system requirements for feasibility/design stage activities.
  4. Expanded List of Eligible Activities: With an expanded list of eligible activities across all three stages, Phase 5 offers greater flexibility and scope for innovation in tackling climate change.


The application portal for Phase 5 will open on April 17 and close on May 1, so time is critical for interested organisations to prepare and submit their proposals. 

Low Carbon Skills Fund Phase 5 represents a significant step forward the mission to transition to a low-carbon future. With up to £16 million in funding available, the opportunities are significant.

Request a call to discuss your LCSF bid. 

Watch our webinar to learn more about the application process and how we can support you in securing funding for your projects. 

Together, let’s make a difference and build a sustainable tomorrow for generations to come. 

Phase 5 of the Low Carbon Skills Fund

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