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A Day in The Life of a Building Surveyor

Meet Jordan Molloy, one of our Building Surveyors here at Barker. Jordan is part of the projects team in Birmingham and has a wide range of experience across the commercial, educational and healthcare sector. His job role ranges from condition surveys to contract administration, reinstatement and project management of new build, office fitouts and refurbishment projects.

We wanted to know more about Jordan’s day to day life as a Building Surveyor at Barker, so we sat down to learn about his career.

Hi Jordan, can you give us an outline of your typical workday.
Eat, Sleep, Survey, and Repeat… Only joking! My job is so varied, one day I could be in Manchester conducting a condition survey on a difficult building, and the following day I could be advising my client on a £1m complex design and build (D&B) project as a Contract Administrator, there is no typical day!

What drew you to building surveying and working at Barker?
Whilst I was at school, I either wanted to be an Architect or a Royal Marine, in the end I was not good enough to become either, so I became a Building Surveyor and a Royal Navy Commando. (Building Surveying is much better than Architecture anyways – trust me). What drew me to working at Barker was the variety of work that they offered, along with the ability to establish yourself as an enthusiastic contract administrator, project manager, surveyor and advisor.

What is your favourite aspect of the job?
Well, that would be the job itself, I really cannot pick a particular aspect as I love my job!

Is there a project that stands out for you? Why?
That would have to be Ulverley School in Solihull. I met the client in late 2019 and we discussed the need for a replacement roof and window scheme throughout the school. I talked the client through the Condition Improvement Funding (CIF) process, and I compiled two CIF Bids (replacement roof and window scheme). Typically, it is very rare for the Department for Education (DfE) to award two CIF Bids to the same Academy, never mind the same school. But in this instance, I secured both projects, totalling £1.2m worth of funding. The project ran so smoothly that it led to the Principal Contractor, Ashe Roofing, being shortlisted for an award along with the project being mentioned in Roofing monthly. A very successful job from inception to completion!

What does the future of surveying look like to you?
The future of surveying will most likely have to respond to ongoing changes in the industry. As building surveyors, we will have to evolve to focus on more strategic, commercially focussed and sustainable working environments.

And finally, who would you invite to your dream dinner party and why?
John McAleese…. Why? Give him a google.

Thanks so much, Jordan!

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