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Back to School: Covid-19 lockdown and reoccupation checklist

With schools preparing to reopen in September is it essential the building owners, occupiers and duty holders take a systematic approach to statutory compliance and implementation of COVID-19 guidance.

Compliance checks and preventative steps are necessary to minimise and manage risks arising directly from COVID-19 and indirectly, from periods of low-occupancy.

Schools and Trusts should review their estate management and facilities policies with particular emphasis on:

  • Statutory compliance
  • Occupancy strategy and social distancing guidance
  • Cleaning protocols and PPE
  • Building projects, external contractors and visitors

Barker have created a Covid-19 and Reoccupation Checklist as a useful point of reference for schools & Trusts containing key actions that need to be undertaken prior to reoccupation.

This checklist is an amalgamation of various sources based on current Government Guidance and is intended to assist schools and Trusts to put in place their own processes with the advice from professionals.

If you require further information or would like to speak to one of our team members on school reoccupation and safe reopening contact us.

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