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Energy and Sustainability 2021 Round Up

There have been some critical milestones for sustainability this year. The 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference saw world leaders meet to set the global agenda to reduce emissions and Environmental Social Governance initiatives are at an all-time high.

It’s clear that we’ve seen a real shift in energy management. At Barker this is no different. This year we were proud to have made some real headway with our energy and sustainability projects. Sustainability has become a core part of our offering, and we have been able to proactively support our clients to help them achieve their decarbonisation goals.

In 2021, the Government launched the £1bn PSDS funding for energy and decarbonisation, and more than 50 of our education trust clients requested our support to apply for funding. This resulted in the rapid mobilisation of a large team of building surveyors and engineers at Barker to inspect our clients’ sites, capturing asset data on plant, building fabric etc. We were able to secure nearly £10m in capital funding through the PSDS scheme, enabling our education clients to reduce operational costs, generate major carbon savings and engage with students on climate change. In less than 3 months, we successfully completed over 400 energy audits!

Crucially, this has enabled many of our education clients to embark on a long-term energy efficiency programme using savings and data to facilitate future programmes of work.

Thanks to our team’s excellent work throughout the year, we were able to exceed our anticipated decarbonisation outputs. The team achieved some fantastic results:

This by no means is an easy feat or one matched by any other consultancy in the country. It brings to the front Barker’s leadership and expertise in the sector, strong collaboration with clients, technological innovation and an outstanding team at the helm.

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