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Energy efficiency in schools – simple solutions, big impact

Research shows typically over 50% of a school’s energy is consumed when there are no students in the building. Of this, the greatest demand comes from lighting and IT.

Here are some simple and effective solutions that can help lower your school’s energy consumption and save money in the long term.

Review your existing energy contract

Ensure that you are getting best value by comparing suppliers, removing penalty clauses on consumption and obtaining greater access to data. Undertake an annual review of your school taking into consideration historic use, projected growth, planned energy reduction investment programmes and proposed schemes for self-generation.

Reduce energy consumption

Actions such as turning lights off when not in use, turning the heating down a notch and using energy efficient LED lighting are quick and easy actions to adopt.

Use integrated smart tools to monitor and review energy consumption

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy is encouraging schools to use data from smart metering to help schools reduce their energy consumption by 15% and emissions by 40% by 2030. Through its innovative use of dashboards – EO portal, Barker and EO Consulting help schools collect and interpret their energy data to identify areas for action and to inform strategy and policy.

Consider LED lighting and Photo Voltaic (PV) Panels

By investing in programmes of LED lighting replacements and Photo Voltaic (PV) panels schools benefit from improved lighting quality, utility bill reductions and the removal of onerous maintenance regimes.

A typical LED lighting replacement scheme would result in £2000/year savings for a Primary and £4,000/year for a secondary school.

PV panels can provide even greater savings with a typical primary school saving £125,000 over the life of the system and a secondary school saving around £400,000 over the same period.

Schools can utilise various schemes offered by Salix, and other not-for-profit organisations such as Less is More Capital or Maxxia that provide schools a unique way to get the advantages of these technologies without any upfront investment required.

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