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Managing school premises during Coronavirus – new guidance

Managing school premises during Coronavirus – new guidance

The DfE has published new guidance on managing school premises, which are partially open, during the coronavirus outbreak. The guidance adds further information on wider reopening of schools in June.  There are increased risks related to safety concerns around water hygiene, building and occupancy safety and building hygiene due to reduced occupancy. The guidance helps schools and trusts to manage those risks. Schools and trusts should review their arrangements for all building-related systems but in particular:

  • hot and cold-water systems
  • gas safety
  • fire safety
  • kitchen equipment
  • security including access control and intruder alarm systems
  • ventilation

Actions to take before re-opening

Before re-opening, commission a water treatment specialist to chlorinate and flush the complete system for all hot and cold water systems (including drinking water) and certify the water system is safe before the buildings are reoccupied. Allow sufficient time for this activity, approx. 1 week before opening if possible.

Recommission all systems, as would normally be done after a long holiday period. This includes gas, heating, water supply, mechanical and electrical systems, and catering equipment.

Check your fire safety systems including making sure all fire doors are operational, your fire alarm system and emergency lights are operational.

Clean and disinfect all areas and surfaces prior to reopening and if necessary, utilise pest control for insect infestations, particularly in the kitchen and/or food preparation areas. Deep clean the kitchen prior to reopening before food preparation resumes.

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