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T Level Capital Fund Update

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The T Level Capital Fund (TLCF) is to help eligible providers have world class facilities for the delivery of T-Levels from 2023/24. There are two main elements to the TLCF;

  • Specialist equipment allocation (SEA)
  • Buildings and facilities improvement grant (BFIG)

These grant funds assist schools with the refurbishment of buildings, expansion-based works and upgrading of equipment to help deliver the T Level curriculum.

The current T Level Capital Wave 4 is intended to support providers delivering in September 2023, both for specialist equipment and for buildings capital. For this wave the DfE have over £150 million capital funding available.

Our track record:

In 2021, Barker secured over £51m in education funding for our clients which included a variety of condition, expansion and energy efficiency bids. We believe our success is due to our comprehensive knowledge in the education sector and our thorough bid development work that is bespoke for each client. Our qualified APMP bid writers make your bid stand out by providing detailed submissions that meet the ESFA marking criteria.

As with other educational funding, we work on a “no win no fee” basis and can help identify the best opportunities to secure capital funding grants in regard to BFIG and SEA.

Case Study: Hedingham School and Sixth Form

 Hedingham School and Sixth Form approached Barker to complete their Digital Business Services T Level bid submission on a no win no fee agreement.

The aim of the bid was to provide additional ICT teaching space to facilitate the new T Level subject in 2022. Through working with Barker, the school have been awarded £637,570.16 which has been allocated to construct a single storey two classroom ICT extension with common room and toilet facilities. Each ICT classroom will allow a minimum of 20 computer workstations to cover the forecasted T Level pupil numbers.

Without this funding allocation from the ESFA it is highly unlikely Hedingham School and Sixth Form would have been able to facilitate this T Level subject due to inadequate teaching space.

Next steps:

The next round of T Level funding is expected to be announced in December 2022. At Barker, we believe it is vital to begin collating and compiling TLCF bids at the earliest opportunity to ensure all the appropriate information is collected and presented in a clear succinct manner to the ESFA’s guidance note standards.

Once T Level Capital Funding has been granted, Barker will take full responsibility for contract administration and project management of the works. Removing this pressure allows the client to prepare for the following September, safe in the knowledge they will have world-class facilities to teach their T Level subjects.

If you are looking to apply to TLCF or have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss with you how we can help develop T Level bids on your behalf.

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