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The School Rebuilding Programme

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The first phase of the Government’s School Rebuilding Programme was launched on 5th February. The Prime Minister announced the first 50 schools to benefit from the ten-year school rebuilding programme. These schools were prioritised because they have buildings of specific construction types that require replacement and/or their buildings have the highest condition need.

The 10-year School Rebuilding Programme is committed to 500 rebuilding projects over the next decade. Projects will range from replacing or refurbishing individual buildings through to whole school rebuilds, with feasibility studies determining the scope of projects at individual schools. The DfE expects construction on the first sites to begin from autumn 2021.

The methodology for prioritising these projects can be found here.

The programme will continue to target school buildings in the worst condition across England and the DfE will set out plans for a further round shortly.

Barker are supporting some of our clients with their School Rebuilding Programme. If you need further information or support on this scheme contact us.

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