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Transforming energy management

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Everyone wants to see action on climate change and improvements to the life chances of young people. The education sector is in a unique position to benefit from the energy savings and income-generating opportunities afforded by LED lighting and PV installations to achieve these twin objectives.

A new and innovative not-for-profit organisation is now offering academies and local authority maintained schools a unique way to get the advantages of these technologies without any upfront investment required.

Less is More Capital is a social enterprise financial institution that is accredited by the Department of Business Energy and Industrial Strategy and is supported by a number of major institutions including Santander, Lloyds and KPMG.

Less is More Capital deliver their social mission by funding energy efficiency projects that deliver proven cost savings that schools can reinvest in the lives of their students.

A typical LED lighting replacement scheme would result in £2000/year savings for a Primary and £4,000/year for a secondary school with no match funding required.

Photo Voltaic (PV) panels can provide even greater savings with a typical primary school saving £125,000 over the life of the system and a secondary school saving around £400,000 over the same period.

For more information or case studies of successful installations CLICK HERE

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