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Why Choose a Career in Engineering?

According to Prospects, engineering accounts for 18% of all UK employment, and the demand is only increasing. It’s estimated that the UK will need 200,000 skilled engineers between now and 2024 to meet the increase in construction, production, manufacturing and mechanical servicing. So why might you consider a career in this industry?

The prospects for a fulfilling career in engineering are endless. It’s a job where no day is exactly like another – one that can make a real difference to society, where you can collaborate and work alongside a skilled team, utilise both creative and logical thinking and earn a great salary.

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of the role:

Job diversity
On the job, every working day is different. As an engineer, you will need to tackle real problems and find the best solutions. Engineers need to be equipped with analytical, design and computing skills. No two engineering jobs will be exactly the same. It demands imaginative thinking, logical application and keen problem solving.

Creating the best solutions to complex problems also requires close collaboration, meaning teamwork is a key ingredient of the role. At Barker, our structural and civil, mechanical and electrical engineers work within a multi-disciplinary design team, alongside other architectural and building surveying colleagues. This creates a highly skilled and passionate team make for a fulfilling workplace.

Graduate prospects
Engineering students enjoy a great level of graduate prospects. With engineers in high demand, the majority of graduates enter professional-level employment or postgraduate study within six months of graduating. We were proud to welcome a number of new engineers to Barker this year, and we have high hopes for recruitment in 2022.

Making a difference
There are few other careers where you can make such a direct impact on the world. Whether that may be helping to build energy efficient homes, self-driving cars or creating a whole new form of renewable energy. The possibilities to make a positive difference are truly endless. At Barker, our engineers play a key role in our energy, sustainability and decarbonisation work, meaning that they get to make a real difference to the future of the planet.

Opportunities at Barker
At Barker we have an expanding team of Structural, Civil, Mechanical and Electrical Engineers. Throughout 2021, the Barker engineering team has evolved exponentially thanks to our continued commercial success and growing business demand. This will only continue to grow in 2022.

A role in engineering at Barker offers exciting opportunities for our team members, such as a great portfolio of projects varying in size and sector, excellent work perks and career development opportunities. If you’re interested in an engineering role at Barker take a look at our opportunities we would love to hear from you.

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