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Staff Spotlight: Peter Papadopoulos- In-house Recruiter

The staff spotlight is shining brightly this month on our in-house recruiter Peter Papadopoulos. Having joined Barker a little over 9 months ago, we grabbed Pete for a chat to find out a little bit more about his role and how he’s settled into the team.


Hey Pete! It’s so lovely to see you. Let’s start by you telling me how you found yourself working as an in-house recruiter for Barker?

Sure! I have been in the recruitment industry for 10 years now. I’ve worked my way up and gained a wealth of experience along the way. Due to the economic climate, I was made redundant in my last role so re-entered the job market as a candidate and was fortunate to find Barker. I have a personal passion for property development, so felt my experience in this area alongside my recruitment expertise was a great match for a property consultancy.


What does a typical working day look like for you?

Whilst every day varies as my role is quite reactive, the fundamental tasks I undertake on a daily basis remain the same. I start by checking through the people that have applied that day, picking out suitable candidates whose experience matches the requirements of the role profile. I then spend time pre-screening applicants; this is a process whereby I speak with the person prior to putting them forward for interview.

Working in recruitment means I work very closely with my colleagues in HR and liaising with team leaders throughout the business to capture the information needed on the roles required. I am constantly networking on LinkedIn and often attend recruitment events to showcase our current vacancies.


What do you believe are the most important skills needed to do your job?

Working in recruitment you must be dynamic! Marketing is constantly changing so you must be ready and willing to adapt. Being friendly, engaging and patient are three core competencies of a successful recruiter- simply speaking, an all-round people person! Not forgetting that being organised and proactive are also key required skills!

What do you enjoy most about working for Barker?

One of the first things I noticed and really loved about Barker is that the Partners work on the office floor with the rest of the staff. They aren’t shut away in offices, so they are accessible and helpful to all. I was made to feel very welcome from the moment I walked in, everyone is friendly and I have formed some great friendships and working relationships since joining.


What do you normally do in your spare time?

As I mentioned previously, I have a passion for property development so I am currently working on my personal renovation project. I also spend time with my lovely dog Baxter who I adore.

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