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Berkhamsted Schools Group- Pre Prep School Early Years Extension & Castle Campus Sequential Works

  • Client: Berkhamsted Schools Group
  • Location: Hertfordshire
  • Sector: Education
  • Services: Architecture & Design, Project Management, Structural & Civil Engineering, Contract Management, Building Surveying & Principal Designer

Barker have worked with Berkhamsted Schools Group since 2018 providing various property consultancy services from maintenance to refurbishment programmes including:

• Condition Surveys

• Capital Maintenance Schemes

• Health & Safety Repairs

• Building Fabric Improvement

• Delivery of several transformational projects

Berkhamsted appointed Barker to deliver 4 major projects in summer 2023.

1. Pre prep school early years education

2. Castle campus headteachers office relocation

3. Castle campus staff room relocation

4. Castle campus food tech relocation

Due to a surge in pupil numbers, Barker recently worked with the school to design an extension that would enable an increase in their classroom size from 39sqm to 48sqm. The project was engineered and designed to accommodate futureproofing, ensuring classrooms to the first floor could increase in floor area if required.
The subsequent schemes consisted of three sequential projects which required relocation of classrooms, staffrooms and an office to more suitable locations around the campus.

The Brief
Sitting on the school’s framework for project managers, Barker were selected to undertake the task. The extension required a new area for the food tech classroom, which in turn required the relocation of two other rooms to accommodate it. These rooms were at the end of their serviceable lifespan, so moving them also allowed Barker and Berkhamsted to refurbish the area to the school’s current vision for education.
Berkhamsted School had a clear idea of where they would like to relocate the Food Tech room and staffroom but wanted an options appraisal for the potential Headteachers Office areas determine the best solution. The chosen plan was then executed by the team.

The Challenge
Navigating a live working environment has its challenges, however with careful pre-planning and scheduling of works after school hours and during term breaks, the team were able to deliver the projects with minimal disruption to staff and students.
There were also a few design changes that had to be made whilst on site. Due to the client and contract administrator being pro-active in their approach, holding regular meetings, there was no detrimental effect to the programme and any modifications were made quickly and efficiently.

The Outcome
All works were completed on time and within budget. Staff and pupils are very happy with the new extension. The movement and restructure of the rooms enabled the school to accommodate the increase in pupils so they could continue to deliver an outstanding education, in a functional and inspirational working environment.



Client Testimonial

‘We have worked with Barker on a number of different projects over the last 6 years. Their approach to each of the projects we have presented them with has always been positive, professional, and efficient. We were really happy that our most recent project was finished on time and in budget causing no delays or disruptions to our pupils’ education.’

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