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Book a RAAC Survey – Get RAAC Advice

If you need an RAAC survey or advice for your school or trust, Barker’s team of Chartered Surveyors and Structural Engineers can help.

Barker are the leading education property consultants and partners with sector bodies CST, ASCL, ISBL, TTN.

For practical guidance on the process and your obligations, please refer to our RAAC process map.

If RAAC is confirmed or suspected, the DfE advise schools to appoint an appropriately qualified building surveyor or structural engineer.

How can Barker help?

Please contact us today for more information on the following:

• Desktop surveys to identify high-level risks

• RAAC surveys to identify the presence of RAAC

• Advice on remediation and emergency works

• Advice on funding and CIF bids for RAAC roofs

For more information on RAAC and answers to FAQs please read our RAAC article.

Book a RAAC survey

Get RAAC Advice

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