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Barker Announces Transition to Employee Ownership

Barker Associates (Essex) Limited, the leading multi-disciplinary property and energy consultancy, has today announced it will be transitioning to an employee-owned business model with immediate effect, following the sale of its shares to the company’s employees.

During its 36-year history, Barker has built an enviable reputation for delivering top-quality surveying and architectural services to customers across the UK, particularly within the education sector and the transition to an employee-owned business is a significant milestone for company.   Under the new ownership structure, each of Barker’s employees will have a stake in the business and be empowered to make decisions that will benefit the company and themselves.

This transition will also ensure the company’s existing culture will be preserved and continued for future generations and the business continues to grow as employees are motivated to work towards the success of the business.

Barker’s current leadership team is excited about the change and is committed to ensuring a smooth and successful transition. “Moving to an employee-owned business model is a natural evolution for Barker,” stated Managing Partner, Stuart White. “We believe that giving our employees a stake in the company is the best way to ensure that we continue to deliver innovative solutions and superior service to our clients.

We also recognise employee ownership will foster a culture of collaboration and shared responsibility that will drive innovation and growth for years to come. We’re thrilled to embark on this new chapter in our company’s history, and we look forward to working with our employees to build a stronger, more sustainable business.”

Barker is committed to transparency and open communication with its employees and key stakeholders throughout the transition process. The company will be hosting a series of informational sessions to ensure that everyone is informed and engaged in the process.


About Barker:

Established in 1987, Bark​​er is an integrated, multidisciplinary property consultancy with offices in London, Essex, Cambridge and Birmingham. The consultancy covers architecture and design, surveying, structural and civil engineering, building services, project management and energy/sustainability.

Barker is a RIBA and RICS Chartered Practice.

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