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Climate Action Plans

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The challenge

The Department for Education (DfE) have stated that by 2025 all education settings will have nominated a sustainability lead and put in place a Climate Action Plan (CAP) as set out in the Sustainability and climate change strategy paper.

What is a Climate Action Plan?

A Climate Action Plan is a detailed plan to enable your education setting, or trust, to progress or commence sustainability initiatives. Starting in late 2023, the DfE are launching a programme of support including a Climate Action Plan Support Hub as well as access to regional experts.
A Climate Action Plan typically covers four key areas:

1. Decarbonisation

2. Adaptation and resilience

3. Biodiversity

4. Climate education, training and jobs

The solution

Barker are working with education organisations, leading sectors bodies and the DfE through the Net Zero Accelerator Programme to assist schools, trusts and FE/HE settings to develop their sustainability strategies to meet the Climate Action Plans target deadline.

Through our Barker Energy 360 solution we can help assess your sites, identify opportunities to save money and reduce carbon emissions and deliver the change to meet your climate goals.

See our how Barker supported over 50 education trust clients to complete over 370 energy audits as part of the public sector decarbonisation scheme.

How Barker can help

Barker have helped hundreds of schools and trusts develop their Carbon Action Plans and decarbonisation roadmaps. For most schools, reducing energy consumption by 50% is achievable.

To find out more about how we can help, read our Barker Energy 360 Brochure HERE

Or contact us to find out more about Barker’s Energy 360 toolkit and how we can support your organisation to create your Climate Action Plan.

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